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November 6, 2023

What Is the Difference Between Fraser, Balsam Fir, and Canaan Fir Christmas Trees?

Though the debate between fake Christmas trees and real trees continues to rage strong, anyone who's serious about Christmas cheer knows that investing in a real, live, fresh tree is the best way to set the mood in any home.

Tree Varieties

Though the debate between fake Christmas trees and real trees continues to rage strong, anyone who’s serious about Christmas cheer knows that investing in a real, live, fresh tree is the best way to set the mood in any home.  Real Christmas trees smell nice, look nice, feel nice, and they’re better for the environment. Hard to beat that, right?

It’s deciding on which type of tree to invest in, though, that’s really the hardest part of this annual dilemma. Understanding the differences between the main three types of trees you’ll come across this holiday season – Fraser, Balsam, and Canaan firs – can help you make the best decision for your home.

Fraser Firs

Fraser fir Christmas trees are the perfect option for those looking to get the biggest and best out of their tree. It’s one of the strongest and long lasting options out there, making it ideal for décor-lovers who have endless amounts of ornaments to fill the branches with. The branches angle slightly upwards, giving the tree a perky, cheery look that’s sure to impress. Fraser firs:

  • Grow up to 50 ft. tall
  • Have bluish-green needles
  • Give off a mild fragrance
  • Are some of the most common Christmas tree finds

These trees lack the strong fir smell some people look for in a tree, but make up for it with thick, strong branches and a fullness that’s hard to find anywhere else. They’re easily available and fit well with any décor.

Balsam Firs

The Balsam fir Christmas tree is likely the first option that comes to mind when you begin thinking about holiday trees, even if you’re not aware of it. These small-to-medium-sized trees are immediately noticeable for their conical shape, marking them as the iconic Christmas tree that they are. Their dark green needles are also interspersed with natural hints of silver, which bring a bigger sparkle to your Christmas décor. These hints of color and the tree’s beautiful green shade are why branches of these trees are so often used for wreaths, garlands, and bouquets. Balsam firs:

  • Grow up to 82 ft. tall in the wild
  • Have dark green, thin needles
  • Give off a strong, sweet-spicy fragrance
  • Have an iconic look and feel that complements any décor scheme

These classic trees have the perfect conical shape and fragrant, deep green needles most people want from a tree. However, they’re usually somewhat smaller than both Canaan firs and Fraser firs, and its branches may not be quite as sturdy.

Canaan Firs

Canaan firs are closely related to Balsam firs. They look much the same in some aspects but are bigger, heartier, and stronger than their Balsam counterparts. In this way, it’s much like a hearty Fraser fir, effectively making this tree a hybrid of the two other options. Unlike the other two, though, this tree is relatively new to the Christmas tree market, making it difficult to find in some areas. Canaan firs:

  • Grow up to a whopping 98 ft. tall in the wild
  • Have bright, rich green needles
  • Give off a medium fragrance
  • Feature an ideal combination of both Balsam and Fraser firs

Canaan firs are the best of both worlds. They have the heartiness and branch-strength of a Fraser, but the conical shape and rich green needles of a Balsam. However, their smell is milder, and in most areas, these trees will be more difficult to find than both other options.

Find Your Perfect Tree

Canaan, Balsam, Fraser, or something else entirely, you’ll find the perfect tree when you shop at Sunnyside Gardens. Contact this established gardening retailer to learn more about what these tree varieties have to offer your home this holiday season and find the perfect color, shape, height, and fragrance that appeals to your holiday plans.

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