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Blue Hydrangeas

We planted 3 endless blue hydrangeas 7 years ago .


We planted 3 endless blue hydrangeas 7 years ago . They always have tons of leaves but not tons of flowers !!! Last year we barely had any flowers … Also the same with our 2 pink hydrangeas that were already planted when we bought the home in 2002. Any ideas ?

Best Regards , Judy O’Brien

—Judy O’Brien


Hi Judy,

When I hear this from clients I first want to ask a couple questions to see if I can get to the root of the problem.  First, do you have your Hydrangeas in at least five hours of sun?  In essence, ‘Annabelle’ is the only shade tolerant Hydrangea that will bloom consistently.  Your Blue and Pink Hydrangeas will need quite a bit more sun in order to make a bloom.  Second, are you pruning the Hydrangea in a time of year that may compromise the new bud or bloom?  And Lastly, have you considered using a fertilizer in early spring to push the Hydrangea to strong health and ultimately more blooms?

Please write back, I’m curious about your answers.

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