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Bunny damage

I have many mature arborvitae evergreen shrubs on my property.


I have many mature arborvitae evergreen shrubs on my property. The bunnies had a field day on them this winter. They ate off lower branches & stripped alot of the bark leaving it exposed.

What can I do to save these shrubs? How can I prevent this next winter?

—jacque kempf


Hi Jacque,

This is a pretty common problem around town and to make things worse, I’m noticing the rabbits were able to do damage higher up on shrubs due to the high snow.  Evergreens typically won’t regrow in bare damaged spaces, but the new growth on existing branches may help to fill in and make the bare spots less noticeable.  For future care, you could consider spraying your shrubs in winter with a rabbit deterrent like Liquid Fence.  Liquid Fence lasts for weeks, even in the cold.  Fencing or wrapping the lower branches of the evergreens can be quite helpful as well.

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