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Cat’s out of the garden



How do I keep my neighbors cat from using my flower box as a litter box?



Hi Lorna,

Repels-All by Bonide lists cats on their animal repellent.  I’ve also heard of people deterring the pets by simply applying a layer of shredded mulch to their planters and gardens.  It seems that the cats don’t like to scratch wood chips like they would soil or sand.

Tall cacti

I have some cacti growing indoors that are flopping over as they grow taller (8-10″). I have been propping them up with wooden skewers but…

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Boulevard Planting Design Drawing

Salt Tolerant Boulevard Garden

How do I begin selecting plants for a garden along the street? Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

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Watering spring flowers

Warm Fall

I heard on the weather, that the next three months will be warm.. into October, how do you think that will affect our perenials?

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