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Ground Cover Full of Weeds



1. I have a broadleaf weed that has spread via its strong root system into my pachysandra ground cover. Because both the weed and my ground cover have entangled root systems, I cannot pull the weed and its root system out of the bed. How can I kill the weed without harming my pachysandra?



What I mess.  I’ve got something similar going on in my garden.  Unfortunately, there is no good “kill” solution to this problem.  What I can suggest is this, if you can’t pull the weed by hand, then you should consider trying to remove sections of your ground cover with a sharp shovel.  Cut manageable sized squares, three inches deep, pick up the slice and weed out the unwanted vegetation over a wheelbarrow while you let loose dirt fall.  Then transplant the pachysandra back into your garden.  This is a very tedious process, but may be worth it considering the amount of ground cover you have established.

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