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Indoor Herb Garden

Hello! I bought a couple of herbs from Sunnyside Gardens about a month ago.



I bought a couple of herbs from Sunnyside Gardens about a month ago. I wanted to build an indoor herb garden, as I do not have a yard. The mint is doing very well, but the rosemary and chives are faring poorly.

I planted the rosemary and chives in a planter box, but there is a powdery mold on the rosemary that is slowly working its way into the soil. I have sprayed the plants and soil with a solution of vinegar and water, but the plants continue to die (though there is no more mold). Help?!



Hi Sarah,

Gardening herbs indoors can be a huge challenge as there isn’t ample sunlight or airflow to maintain healthy herbs, especially Rosemary.  My advice would be to remove the rosemary entirely and try cutting back the other herbs.  Make sure to let the soil dry out to the touch between waterings and put the container in as much sunlight as possible.

Herbs that grow well in  indoor conditions are the mint that you mentioned, chives, catnip, lemon balm and stevia.

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