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Mulch much?

Next year, I SWEAR I'm going to mulch my gardens.


Next year, I SWEAR I’m going to mulch my gardens. I’ve seen some very pretty coconut shell (I think) mulch — dark brown, almost like dirt, and they don’t discolor?

My questions: Should we wait until spring to add mulch? Am I right about the coconut shell mulch? Is there a reason to use one mulch over another? What cost difference are we talking about here? Many thanks —



Hi Maureen,

Mulching is a great idea for any season.  Applying a 3″ or deeper cover in the spring will help prevent weeds from coming up all season and will aid in keeping moisture in the ground. Mulching in Summer and Fall can help to maintain a nice looking garden and home and keep all the fall seeds that are flying around from germinating.  Personally, I tend to mulch whenever I have time to!  I prefer any shredded mulch, like a cypress or cedar, I feel like these types of mulch keep sunlight from reaching the soil layer and stay put better.  Having said that, most people just choose what they like to look at.  Bark mulch and COCO mulch are just as popular here in the store and priced about the same.

COCO would add the most nutrients to the soil as is breaks down, but it will break down sooner than a wood-based mulch.  *COCO mulch is poisonous to dogs too, so be careful.

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