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vines & beetles

I have a vine growing on my fence.


I have a vine growing on my fence. Don’t know the name of it, but the leaves turn brilliant red in the fall. Last year, some kind of beetle ate all the leaves. It is growing back nicely this year, but I’d like to deter the beetles if they are looking for lunch again this year. What product can I use to keep them away?



Hi B.Q.,

It sounds like you might have a problem with Japanese Beetles attacking your vines.  We’re also guessing that the vine you have might be a Boston Ivy, since you mention the brilliant red color in the fall.  The good news is that we carry a systemic insecticide product, developed by Rainbow TreeCare, called Xytect that may be just the solution for your problem. Although Xytect can be applied anytime during the growing season, now would be a great time to stop the Japanese Beetles while they are at their grub stage of life cycle.

Since Xytect is something you can mix and apply yourself, come on in and one of our sales experts would be happy to explain the application process of Xytect to you.

Look for our blog post that explains more about how Xytect can also be used to protect trees, shrubs, roses and flowers from invasive insects.

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