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September 11, 2018

Container Design for Fall

  SIMPLE DESIGN FOR FALL *Container design for fall can be fun and rewarding.

Fall Planter Kale Mum Croton



*Container design for fall can be fun and rewarding. When you hit the garden center in September there are way fewer plants to choose from than spring, so the shopping experience can feel a lot less overwhelming. You are going to find that the colors for fall all seem to compliment each other too. Win, Win!

Rules for design remain the same as with any season-designate a focal point of color, add accent plants to highlight your focal point and include varying textures for a little bit of drama.

This design pictured has a tall celosia as the focal point with a nice line of continuous color drifting through the croton, dried African knobs and red mum. Lines of color tell the eye where to look and keep your design clean looking. A big beefy kale provides unique thick texture in front to anchor the heavy color on top. The acorus grass in back offers a light, whispy back drop.

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