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November 1, 2023

Evergreen Tree Top Pots: Caring For And Building Your Own

The Sunnyside team shares tips for caring for your tree top pots (ready-to-go or DIY), as well as the basic steps to building your own evergreen pots for the holiday season.

tree top spruce pot care

The longest and coldest season of the year, winter, is knocking at the door! Now, while the weather is still mild, our team starts building beautiful evergreen containers that will last for months during this cold season. These evergreen tree top pots are a welcoming and lovely addition to your front step or entrance.

At Sunnyside we offer both the full treatment of DIY supplies to make your own personalized tree top pots, as well as elaborate already finished pots that you can select and have on display in no time.

Here are tips for caring for your tree top pots (ready-to-go or DIY), as well as the basic steps to building your own evergreen pots.


Caring for Your Evergreen Tree Top Pots


Evergreen tree tops will last for months and withstand the cold, and we already have a number of sizes and shapes to complete the look you have in mind for the season.

If you put your tree top pots on display earlier in the season, it is good to sprinkle a little water on the tops of them on the sunniest and warmest days. At the garden center, we use the watering hose to dash water across our greens every morning. Another trick of the trade is to spritz your greens with WILT STOP or Wilt Pruf — this is a natural spray that clogs the needles of the greens and prevents them from losing water and drying out.

Building Your Own Evergreen Tree Top Holiday Pot


Interested in making your own tree top pot that complements your unique home style? Here are some simple tips:

  • Select a large outdoor container — plastic or ceramic — that fits your style. You can either reuse an existing outdoor pot from your spring/summer display, or purchase a new one.
  • Fill your pot with old potting soil from earlier in the year, black dirt or sand. Fresh potting soil will be a bit too loose to hold your tree tops in place.
  • Add your evergreens starting with the tallest and largest pieces in the middle and filling in around with shorter and smaller.
  • Use a mixture of 2-3 other types of evergreens to fill in the space between the tree tops and edge of pot; draping cedar over the edge of the container is a great look too.
  • From here, pick your theme — woodsy, glam, classic? Choose from fun selection of twigs, colored branches, pinecones, and other natural accents to fill in the theme you’re going for.
  • When complete, add water to the dirt. When you put it outside it will freeze and hold everything in place for the season.

Stop in to Sunnyside Gardens to pick out your tree top pot or DIY supplies now!


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