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June 2, 2018

To the Cabin! & the plants to bring along.

Gardening at the Lake Low maintenance, winter hardy and deer resistant plants for cabin.

Landscape Slope Erosion Control Stacked Wall

Gardening at the Lakedock

Low maintenance, winter hardy and deer resistant plants for cabin.

Why not incorporate some easy maintenance beds to your favorite family get away?If you enjoy plants from a distance when on full retreat at the shoreline, take note of a few of my favorites.

Cabin gardening can be even more rewarding than urban gardening at home. The key is to select low maintenance, winter hardy plants that are deer resistant.

I selected a few perennials with different bloomtimes to provide lasting color all season! For starters, Salvia ‘May Night’ and Dianthus ‘Neon Star’ work well together offering a striking combination of blue spikes and neon pink flowers. As the spring blooms of ‘May Night’ begin to fade, cut them back and allow Nepeta ‘Walkers Low’ to take over the show.‘Walkers Low’ looks beautiful paired with red, white or pink Astilbe, lending color to your Fourth of July garden.

Don’t forget the Daylily ‘Stella d’ Oro’ to give a hot summer show of color.


These are a few of my must haves:

Hardy Asiatic and Oriental lilies will bloom beautifully during July. Starting in Mid- July Hardy garden Phlox should be just opening and the Liatris and the Echinacea will be spiking up and ready to show their color lasting well into August.Fall will bring the late season color of Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ and the pink spikes of Chelone (Turtlehead).Saving the best for last, ornamental grasses! Miscanthus ‘purperescens’(Flame Grass), Calamagrosotis ‘Karl Forester’ and Blue fescue are all hardygrasses that will add height and texture to any perennial garden.

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