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March 17, 2010

Turnip Rock CSA

This year Sunnyside is happy to announce that we will be functioning as a drop site for a local Community Supported Agriculture farm.

Community Supported Agriculture

This year Sunnyside is happy to announce that we will be functioning as a drop site for a local Community Supported Agriculture farm.  In conjunction with Turnip Rock, located just across the border in New Auburn Wisconsin, Sunnyside will receive weekly shipments of sustainably raised, local organic produce.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) works by partnering the farmer and consumers in a simple and environmentally friendly way.  The consumer shares the cost of supporting the farm, helping the farmer purchase supplies, equipment, and seed.  In return, the shareholders are guaranteed fresh, locally grown organic produce.   In addition to the benefits of great, organic produce, Community Supported Agriculture benefits the community as a whole – providing local small farms dedicated to true organic farming with an economically viable way to compete with the ever-expanding Big Agribusiness.   In return for this help, most CSA farms are dedicated to community participation, inviting shareholders to come and spend time in the relaxing, urban-alternative of their farms (although, to reduce the number of vehicles involved in the process, a centrally located pick-up spot, like Sunnyside, is designated).

We invite all of our customers to come in and learn with us about organic vegetables and Turnip Rock CSA.   We anticipate this new program, in addition to our highly successful plastic pot recycling program, will not only become a vital part of Sunnyside’s ongoing effort to ‘be greener’ but also be an exciting way to engage with our wonderful community.

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