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August 1, 2018

August in the Garden

August in the Garden A friend just told me she walked 27k steps the last time she worked in the garden all day.

August in the Garden

A friend just told me she walked 27k steps the last time she worked in the garden all day. That’s amazing! There is no shortage of things to do in the garden these days. Ultimately, what you do is up to you, plan a 27k step gardening day or simply cut a beautiful bouquet for your bathroom. I’ll write about a few things that I’ve been doing in the garden, or wish I was doing in the garden and you can pick and choose where to go from there.


1. Do a quick fertilizer application to your turf. Get a bag of organic lawn fertilizer, borrow a spreader from us at Sunnyside, apply lawn food, return spreader, turn on sprinkler for 45 min.

2. Cut the spent flowers off your Hosta, Salvia, Phlox or other perennials.

3. Water any new 2018 plantings extra well and finish with a bucket of water with fertilizer to encourage a healthy plant.

More Difficult

  1. Weed and apply fresh mulch to garden beds. Transform how your front beds look!
  2. Pull any annuals that aren’t performing well and replace with something fresh. Choose plants that work with your vacation schedule!
  3. Pull sidewalk weeds if you have them.
  4. Identify what’s eating your plants and make an action plan with Sunnyside help.
  5. Plant a tree! Small ornamental trees are great upgrades for your property. This is the season for Hydrangea trees and we have may to show off, but don’t forget how stunning the crabapple trees are in the spring. Plant now and enjoy for years to come.


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