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September 2, 2018

Three Best Succulents for Dorm Rooms

I picked three of my favorite succulents for dorm rooms.


I picked three of my favorite succulents for dorm rooms. Having lived in several dorm rooms and apartments in my life I can attest to a few known factors:

  1. You can have great natural sunlight or live in virtual cave.
  2. You may be a fixed creature of your abode or only stop by to check messages.
  3. The thermostat could be locked at 82 degrees or the window perpetually open to allow much needed air flow.
  4. **Everything glows with artificial light.

So, what can I suggest that may survive a dorm room ecosystem? First of all, a succulent would be a good choice as it needs minimal water. Then of all the succulents available, I chose ones that can survive in high or lower light. Jade, Kalanchoe and Aloe.

Pick out a healthy plant, one that excites you! Plant in a container with good drainage (something with a saucer to catch excess water) using succulent soil, water once a week and if possible set near a window or within 10 feet of a window.

Flap Jack kalanchoe
Flap Jack Kalanchoe
Jade, Crassula Family
Aloe-Many Varieties


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