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Ficus elastica 'Shivereana'

Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’

Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ Nicknamed “Moonshine,” this Ficus variety can be a fun addition to your indoor plant collection. If you know Ficus, this one does…

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rock the sunnyside gardens staff member holds succulent pumpkins

Thank You & Rock the Sunnyside Gardens Recap

Thank you to all our friends, family, neighbors and fellow gardeners who showed up to this past Sunday to rock out at Sunnyside Gardens as…

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Mammoth MN Mums

Why We Love Perennial Mums: Mammoth & Minnesota Mums

Not all mums are lucky enough to be true perennials, but both Mammoth mums and Minnesota mums are hardy enough to stand in that category!…

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Rock the Sunnyside Gardens 2023

Join Us for Sunnyside Gardens Annual Summer Party!

We invite you to our annual end-of-summer party to celebrate: Rock the Sunnyside Gardens! Summer is starting to wrap up and fall transitions are happening…

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Echinacea is a Fan Favorite

Echinacea, or the coneflower, is a fan-favorite perennial around here! Here is a short list of reasons why we love this flower and tips for…

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Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia xerographica The biggest of the Tillandsia, airplant family. These beauties are structural with big curly silver leaves. Xerographica, pronounced zero-graphic-a, are sold without soil…

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Bromeliad guzmania The Bromeliad is the most commonly used tropical plant in indoor spaces and office buildings. They are tropical plants with a unique flower…

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Herb Pot

Herb Gardening Spotlight

Summer Herb Gardening Successful herb gardening goes a little like this: you need full hot sun, water often (daily in summer sun), feed with an…

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alocasia polly

Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly The Alocasia Polly is a fan favorite around here. It gets its nickname of African Mask from the strong veins running though its…

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