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tree top spruce pot care

Evergreen Tree Top Pots: Caring For And Building Your Own

The Sunnyside team shares tips for caring for your tree top pots (ready-to-go or DIY), as well as the basic steps to building your own evergreen pots for the holiday season.

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Create a Car Stopping Window Box Display

Create a car stopping window box display This 4 foot window box is loaded to the MAX with some great color and essential greens. You…

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Fall Planter Kale Mum Croton

Container Design for Fall

  SIMPLE DESIGN FOR FALL *Container design for fall can be fun and rewarding. When you hit the garden center in September there are way…

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Landscape Slope Erosion Control Stacked Wall

To the Cabin! & the plants to bring along.

Gardening at the Lake Low maintenance, winter hardy and deer resistant plants for cabin. Why not incorporate some easy maintenance beds to your favorite family…

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Big Begonia

Hedges for Privacy

Shrubs can be used as a great way to divide spaces and provide privacy from street traffic and neighbors, all while making your yard beautiful.…

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Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is a method of planning and organizing a raised vegetable garden by dividing it into small squares. This practice is great for…

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How to DIY Container Design

Simple Container Design

Custom containers are a great way to add a pop of color to your deck, patio, and landscape. From creative and bold to simple and…

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How to Plant a Shrub

Shrub Planting

Want to plant a shrubs in your yard? Here are tips for the best ways to plant. Where to Plant Shrubs Choose a plant for…

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Square Foot Vegetable Gardening

Square Foot Gardening=Maximum Yield

Nothing brings me as much joy as the process of growing food in my own yard. For the last handful of years, I have been…

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