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Pot with 5 herbs

Herb Care 101: Flavorama!

Indoor herb gardening allows you fresh herbs at your fingertips, as well as a home filled with fresh fragrance and greenery. We’re sharing a few easy tips for growing your own herbs indoors including: Sun, heat, water, trimming and organic fertilizer.

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vitis frontenac grape vine

You can grow grapes in MN. Get started today!

Tomatoes, apples, blueberries, raspberries and other tasty fruits are fun to plant and watch grow into treats for your dinner plate, but did you know…

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Herbs and Veggies on a cart

It’s About That Thyme: Herb Care & Food Pairings

As Minnesotans, we know how short summers can seem. We tolerate grocery store greens most of the year, and look forward to the season where…

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What to do with all that Basil?

I love basil – the smell reminds me of my great-grandmother’s kitchen and always makes me hungry. Yet, aside from a couple caprese salads, I never seem to use much and always end up cutting down a giant plant in the fall.

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Gardening for life! Growing plants that produce fruit is delightful for your spirit and your dish of ice cream. Strawberries are probably one of the…

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How to Successfully Grow Tomatoes

Is your lack of green thumb affecting your tomato plants? We are here to tell you that you can have delicious, homegrown tomatoes – even…

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baby cakes blackberry

How to Grow Your Own Baby Cakes Blackberry Plant

Baby Cakes, a dwarf and thornless blackberry plant, is the perfect fruit to plant this summer. Not only are these blackberries a delicious summer snack…

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Tomato Kids

What’s wrong with your tomato? I’ve seen some sad looking tomatoes photos come through the store lately and I think it’s time we had a…

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I Feel Good From My Head Tomatoes – Veggie Gardening

Veggie gardens are a great way to have affordable, healthy produce all summer long. From beginner to expert, these gardens can be very rewarding. Here…

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