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tree top spruce pot care

Evergreen Tree Top Pots: Caring For And Building Your Own

The Sunnyside team shares tips for caring for your tree top pots (ready-to-go or DIY), as well as the basic steps to building your own evergreen pots for the holiday season.

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Decorated Kissing Balls

Holiday Decorating

I would like to introduce you to one of our favorite little doodads, a kissing ball!  Kissing balls are made of fir bough branches tucked…

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Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas tree…how lovely are your branches.

Christmas Tree Holiday decorating at it’s best!  The Christmas tree can be a unique expression of you and your family.  Sentimental items hung from every…

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Eucalyptus Pods and Pine Boughs

Scented Greens. That smelly time of year!

Delightfully scented, that is. This pre-holiday season, late fall is known as one of the more aromatic times of the year.

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Eucalyptus Pods

Eucalyptus Pods

Long lasting, with a silvery-blue tone and a graceful habit, Eucalyptus pods are a wonderful addition to your winter containers, as well as to your holiday centerpieces.

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Pine Cone 101

From large to small, ornate to ordinary, plain or on a stick, Sunnyside Gardens is the place for pine cones! Varieties Sugar – The largest…

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Fantastic Pumpkin Varieties

There are countless varieties of pumpkins and winter squash in this big, beautiful world. Here are just a few of the varieties we have this…

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Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Care

Know how to care for your Christmas Tree. Once you’ve made the journey to the tree lot, walked up and down the rows sizing up…

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white poinsettia flower

Why do we decorate?

We decorate for parties, for visitors, to express our joy for the season, to have a little fun with our homes and our spaces,  to…

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