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Garden Center Plaza in Spring

Spring Sweet Spring

Spring is arriving with her later than usual April showers this week. The challenging weather can make it hard to get out and enjoy your…

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Chinese Money Plant–Pilea Peperomiodes

The sometimes hard to find, Chinese money plant, or Pilea has become a hit in the gardening and home decor world.

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clean air houseplant

9 Houseplants That Clean the Air

Decorate your home and benefit from clean air with houseplants! The NASA Clean Air Study found that many common indoor plants provide a natural way…

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DIY Succulent Pumpkin Garden

Create a beautiful fall centerpiece with a pumpkin, squash, or gourd of your choice and some succulent clippings! Read more for methods and care.

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soil for planting flowers

What’s in that bag of soil?

Soils: Demystified Here at Sunnyside, we offer a variety of soils and soil amendments. The array of options to choose from can be daunting, but…

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succulent propagation

How to Propagate Succulents

Turn one succulent plant into many! Succulent propagation is an easy and fun way to grow more succulents from the ones that you already have.…

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lavender plant

Lavender for your garden, for your senses.

Lavender is everywhere these days.  In the local grocery coop we see essential oils and lotions claiming to calm and soothe restless minds and bodies.  Natural…

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Pumpkin Succulents

Pumpkin Succulent Care & Propagation

The perfect autumn centerpiece is here! These Pumpkin Succulent Gardens will add beauty to all of your fall celebrations, but the best part may be…

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succulent planters video screenshot

Succulents at Sunnyside!

Succulents are grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance. Also called “fat plants,” they store water in their fleshy leaves, giving…

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