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Pot with 5 herbs

Herb Care 101: Flavorama!

Indoor herb gardening allows you fresh herbs at your fingertips, as well as a home filled with fresh fragrance and greenery. We’re sharing a few easy tips for growing your own herbs indoors including: Sun, heat, water, trimming and organic fertilizer.

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Grass blades

Spring Grass Care

  Turf 101 To get started right away on a great looking lawn, lightly rake to loosen up dead grass and thatch from the previous…

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Ferns and Succulent Planters in the Greenhouse

A Little Springspiration

It’s Spring. If you weren’t sure, just take a look at the high schoolers in their shorts at the bus stop. These seemingly crazy kids…

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Landscape Slope Erosion Control Stacked Wall

To the Cabin! & the plants to bring along.

Gardening at the Lake Low maintenance, winter hardy and deer resistant plants for cabin. Why not incorporate some easy maintenance beds to your favorite family…

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What is a Spring Clean up?

Clean up your garden and get ready to start growing! The purpose of a spring clean-up is to prepare the garden for the upcoming growing season.

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Garden Center Plaza in Spring

Spring Sweet Spring

Spring is arriving with her later than usual April showers this week. The challenging weather can make it hard to get out and enjoy your…

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Pussy Willow Stems

Pussy Willow stems are the plant of the week! We have all kinds of indoor plants here at the garden center, but when it comes to outdoor planting…

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man spreading fertilizer in garden

Fertilizing Your Lawn and Garden

To have the best looking lawn and garden, it is important to give them what they need. Just like humans, plants and grass are living…

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multicolored tomatoes

Seed Collecting & Vegetable Gardening

Harvesting Vegetable Seeds Start next year’s plants from this year’s crop! Tomatoes, peppers, beans, and peas are all good candidates for harvesting seed. Cucumbers, melons,…

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